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Casey Anthony's video diary has leaked online. It's unclear how, or when, but it is believed she recorded this last October. Sorry for the poor sound quality, but that is really her.

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I can't stand to look at her!! Please don't do anymore yuck!! You killed ur baby!!


Can I just say what a relief to find sonomee who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.


Delo... We have a right to put children murder's away, its not just between her and God, its also between all the mothers and fathers who have children and want them safe


I agree with Delo. who are we to judge another person? Whether she did it or not its not our call to give judgment and we definitely can't take someones right to life which wouldnt make us any better than her. Let her get on with her life, in the end everything is paid for...(plus I'm tired of seeing a million stories of this every time I get on the internet)


What Casey did is between her and her God. It is not for any of you people too judge. You are all sinners just as she is. A sin is a sin no matter how big or how small. God forgives, maybe you folks should take some of the hate out of your hearts and forgive as well. One thing in life I have learned is that hate will consume everything you are and it turns you into something nasty. Casey was released by a jury of her peers and now she needs to get on with her life as do all of you haters of her. There are always going to be
vicious cases such as this one in our world. Do you think Casey Anthony was the first to kill her child and get away
with it...NO! It will probably happen again. You never know someone really until you have walked in their footsteps.


u r a fucken baby killer i hope someday soon real soon u burn in helllllll how can u live with yourself knowig what u did to that precious baby u need to die bitch no wait someone needs to do u what u did to ur baby but worse and put a devil sticker on ur mouth cuz u r the devil bitch and ur parents for defending u !!!!!


She did it. And all the evidence was there. The woman is crazy. And the juior that found her not guilty is crazy too. I hope they lay down at night and think about how they let a child killer go. Now think about it what if it were your child . I guess theres no justice nomoe out here for baby killers.


Lol Well Ray that's your opinion. I think she did. I think anyone who thinks she didn't is a fool.


I am sure that if Florida did not go for the Death Penalty, this child killer would be in jail as we type. They decided to go for the whole pie instead of using what they had as evidence. I am also certain they would have gotten some form of conviction instead of allowing her to go free!


Casey Anthony killed her child. I am sick she got away with it, I can only hope she has a horrible life and meets someone as crazy as her and gives her what she deserves!!

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