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A trailer for the Casey Anthony True Hollywood Story special on E! In a word, holy crap.

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Casey Anthony Back in Court

Casey Anthony out of hiding and in court as per her bankruptcy case. March 2013.

Casey Anthony on Piers Morgan Tonight

Casey Anthony spoke to Piers Morgan on June 12, 2012. Here's a portion of Piers' segment in which he discusses the interview.

Jose Baez Speaks on Casey Anthony Videos

Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez speaks on the leaked video diaries, saying he plans on going after the parties responsible.

Daniel Tosh-Casey Anthony Interview

Daniel Tosh just has one question for Casey Anthony.

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That heifer should have been hanged. The world would have been a much sweet smelling and refreshing place to live in.


Ilove how people say how much she loved her daughter and "they were so connected" SERIOUSLY ?? half of the people with those opinions never even knew swamp mom before the trial so how can you make that comment. Insult to all good mothers out there. A good mother or connected mother doesnt throw her child to rot in a swamp!! Shes a failure at motherhood.


They'll have to get their ratings from somewhere else. I dare anyone in my home to watch this garbage!


who the hell would watch this? and why is she still given such attention. nowadays media is so evil just like this whoore


What the hell !!!!!!!! Why is she getting this attention? She doesn't deserve anything not even to be peed on if on fire, this is messed up


I am sick to death of the sound of her name...We all know the story. I have no intention of watching it,and i am sure Casey will watch and think it is wonderful to see her name mentioned again..She makes me sick ugh!


I believe that at one point Casey loved her daughter but she got tired of doing the whole mom thing & to top it of she is compulsive liar... Which led to all this terrible tragedy! I honestly believe she's crazy and there was no justice for Caylee! :( This mom got away with murder and now is making money from it! The only good thing is that Caylee is in a better place now! :)


Wow thats wrong on so many levels

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