Casey Anthony Back in Court

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Casey Anthony out of hiding and in court as per her bankruptcy case. March 2013.
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Any takers that Mason F|_|cks her? Appears to be an old man with a crush on a hot chick from the beginning. Maybe she's paying off her debt?

@ troy



Im glad to see him still helping her. I have felt from day one she was innocent and was happy for her and her attorneys when she was found innocent. George knows what happened his daughter in the position she was and still is. The question still remains, did she drown or was she murdered? If she drowned, then why did he fram his daughter for murder.

@ Tina

Casey said she was sleeping when it happened... I don't believe Caylee just drowned I believe that is just what George told her.
George was looking up escort services and sites about suffocation while on his Yahoo Messenger account just before Casey woke up to find Caylee missing, he could have done anything to her during that time.
George was seen near the wooded area BEFORE she was found there.
George was strong enough to lift the tree she was found under, Casey was not.
George and Cindy sent the investigators there (as Lee testified to) BEFORE her body was found, how'd they know?
George could remember exactly what Caylee was wearing a month later but couldn't recall what his wife was a week ago... including the shorts she was found in that were too small?
George stated to Holloway it was "an accident that snowballed out of control"
George stated to police that while he was a police officer he knew of bodies being found in backyards, car trunks, and "forests" BEFORE Caylee was found in a forested area..... coincidence??
George molested Casey.... she told people over 2 years before the accident even happened.
George was tested to see if he was Caylee's father.
When George heard the test results would be made public he attempted suicide before even knowing the results.
Police wanted a volunteer at one of the command posts to wear a wire and speak to George about Caylee... nothing strange there I guess.
The DNA found on the duct tape was NOT Casey's or Caylee's, yet George and Kronk were never tested.... nor was anyone else.
George lied to Cindy about having a job and even left the house for several months pretending like he had one while he had an affair on her with Holloway, people wonder where Casey got this from? And did this while he acted as though he cared where Caylee was.
Yeah.... Casey's such a guilty B!tch. *sigh*

@ Tina

Your a complete idiot if your even for a moment belief that girl I still don't kniw hiw George Anthony just didn't jump that bench and choke Baez she is a lieing bitch!!!! Have a great day

@ cynthia wilson

If you're going to call someone an idiot perhaps you could at least try and spell "you're" and "believe" "know" "how" and of course "lying".
Have you even looked at the facts of the case or are you just another ignorant moron that speaks about things she knows nothing about? There is FAR MORE evidence that George did something to Caylee then there is ANYTHING pointing to Casey!


Isn't it a SHAME Mason will be always, even after he's dead will go down in history, giving us the people the finger and protecting a BABY killer Casey Anthony. Not really something to be proud of Mason is it?

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