Casey Anthony Jail Video: Reaction to Caylee Death

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The infamous Casey Anthony jail video deemed too inflammatory for release is now available. Watch her reactions when she learns of a body being found here.
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What a bunch of crap. And now a video diary .. where she says NOTHING about how sad she is that her little daughter was killed. NOw she FINALLY has somewthing to call her own ? what about little Caylee .. wasn;t she hers >> Fuck that dumb cunt. I hope she gets killed or kills herself !!!


What strikes me most is the conduct of jailhouse employees. Intentionally secretely recording, removing Anthony from her cell (they are not investigators, this is outside the scope of their job), to put her in a room, alone, for the sole purpose of filming her reaction tudgeo the discovery of the remains. Clearly, she is breathing heavily, overcome with emotion (remember, you can't say she's faking, as there is no one around), and rocking back and forth requesting medical attention to calm down. This video intentionally, in a cruel way, which would not have been done had it not been a high profile case, wrongfully, by prison staff, to delight in, take pleasure in recording her response, and to make money selling the video. Inhumane.

@ Sara Adams

Are you kidding me. Is this lady for real?? I'm glad they taped her casey Anthony is an animal and should be treated like one!!! That fucking whore !!

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