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Carrie Fisher gives an odd performance on a cruise ship in this video. The actress was subsequently hospitalized due to her bipolar disorder.

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Wow this cruiseline is fantast


I love Carrie. Looks like a regular night with friends singing karaoke. Be well and be happy Carrie. We love you.


She was clearly intoxicated. That's all nothing to see here.


Erm ok what did i miss? She was singing and having a laugh with a crowd of folk on a cruise liner!? Yes? Its gotta b a joke about the hospital visit for mental health right? I mean thats where alot of her comidy comes from, the fact that she makes jokes about her past mental state etc!? Wish folk would leave her in peace, shes already been completely honest and upfront about her life and struggles she has gone through so y give her more hassle and say shes gonna flip when she is obviously not??! She still well cool and hot 2!!!


So this is what all the controversy was about? You'd have thought she was swingin fro the chandelier, rather than simply singing old standard tunes. Give the lady a break, she's had difficulties in the past, but at least she's still trying.


What was wrong with that? That is cruise ship entertainment


Oh leave her be, it wasn't that bad, it was funny

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