Caroline Wozniacki Impersonates Serena Williams

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Caroline Wozniacki makes like Serena Williams in this video. Did she cross a line?
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Imitation is the highest form for flattery. Racist...maybe not, but tacky and tasteless??? Tacky Wozniacki, hey I might be on to something


yes it is racist and hateful. I think her match should be disqualifed. Oh let me think suppose she dressed up like the KKK would they have still let her play. Really>>>>>>>>>>>


How is this racist?? People don't know the meaning of that word. Lots of women of all races have large breasts and behinds. How is she being racist??


Sure it racist, angry, bitter, frustrated and jealous coming from a person who can't win against Serena and is only famous for being blonde, white & useless on the tennis court.


funny... look it help with her game ... how much greater can serena be !?! ... even imiating her makes your game better luv it

@ ruthann weekes

YOU sound racist!

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