Carly Rose Sonenclar - As Long As You Love Me (The X Factor)

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Carly Rose Sonenclar performs "As Long As You Love Me" on The X Factor.
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We have enjoyed every one of your performance's! You are amazing. You definately have the Xfactor. We're grandparent's and Country fan's and still voted for you. Can't wait to buy your first cd. Until then we will enjoy your past performance's on YouTube .


There are so many talented contestants this year! But, you are head and shoulders above them all! What you have is a gift ... It is something you are born with and it cannot be taught or learned... You have taken that gift and it is obvious that you have spent time polishing it and hoaning it and crafting it with your time and talents and you now shine like a precious jewel. There is no doubt in my mind that you SHOULD win this competition... BUT, even if America does not get it right... Your gift and your attitude will open the doors for you, and you will go a long way... as far as you dare to dream! You are a hard worker and a very sweet young lady...You are not afraid to reach for the stars.... I just pray that you will never lose the enjoyment and fulfillment that you have found in singing... and that you will capture your dreams and slowly reign them in... in your own timing... You are young and there is plenty of time...The world is your oyster...don't forget to stop and smell the roses, savour the sunsets, chase the butterflies, and paint your own rainbows as you reach out in confidence to capture the stars! So, when life starts to get too hectic and things start to spin out of control....STOP... REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE & THAT YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DREAMS! .... THEN TAKE A DEEP BREATH & JUMP BACK IN WITH FULL GUSTO! ... ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT OF THE RIDE!


Hello Carly, Let me start off by saying you are amazing. When you are famous, please do not forget who you are. Your personality is very unique. The world has a way of eating you from the inside out and if you have nothing to fall back on you will find it even harder to cope. I am not sure that you will ever receive this. However, in the event that you do, I have one request. I think that you would do an outstanding job of singing Mackenzie Porters - I wish I'd known. I think that this sing would really prove to everyone that you should be the winner of the X-Factor. There is no doubt that your age is going to be an issue in winning the show; this song would let everyone realize that Carly is ready. Also, it is fairly new and more than likely would catch everyone off guard. Even if you don't win, you still have an amazing career ahead of you. If that is what you chose to do with your life, stick with what you want to do and do not let others tell you that you can't do it. Always follow your heart Carly.

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