Madonna and Stevie Wonder came together at the Billboard Music Awards for a special performance. Watch them pay tribute here to Prince.
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Amber Riley totally goes off on body-shamers while high on meds after oral surgery.
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Buzzy Cohen has been dominating Jeopardy of late. He's also been trolling the heck ouf of Alex Trebek, as you can see here.
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Celine Dion brought viewers to tears at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Watch her accept a trophy in this video and pay tribute to her late husband.
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Tyga and Scott Disick party together in Cannes, as seen in the video the rapper shared to Instagram.
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PartyNextDoor has been caught out on the town with Kylie Jenner. Check out the video here to see what this rumored new couple was up to.
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Bam Margera has spent his adult life engaging in risky behavior. Now, the cause of his recklessness may have been revealed for the first time.
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Yes, Kendra Wilkinson really has come out with a music video. Watch the complete and utter trainwreck now... if you dare!
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Emma Watson will portray Belle in a new adaptation of Beauty and The Beast. We have the first official teaser for you to watch right after the jump!
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Bam Margera's parents opened up about his alcoholism on last night's episode of Family Therapy. It turns out the situation was more frightening than we realized.
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There are few worse places in life to be stuck than the stall of a public restroom. Just ask the woman featured in this unfortunate video.
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Rob Kardashian is actually speaking in this interview. WHOA! Watch him talk about the prospect of fatherhood and the baby gowing in Blac Chyna's womb.
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