Malia Obama got her twerk on at Lollapalooza over the weekend. We're guessing the Prez is less than pleased.
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Usher has something to say here about Justin Bieber's penis. Did he have anything to do with the singer's junk getting exposed to the world?
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Linkin Bridge made quite a quarterfinals impression on America's Got Talent viewers this week. Check out the group's latest performance now!
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It's not easy to send your child to kindergarten. But it does get easier, as illustrated here by this hilarious mother.
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Kendall Jenner and Jimmy Kimmel are neighbors in California. They joke about that fact in this clip from the latter's show.
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Part 3 of the explosive Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion. What will these people do next?!
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Jon Gosselin tells Steve Harvey that he only "gets what he gets" regarding time with his children - and what he gets ain't much.
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Beyonce shared her 2000 MTV VMAs red carpet interview with the late Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in August 2001. Watch how nervous Bey looked!
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Maine Gov. Paul LePage left an expletive-laced voicemail for a state lawmaker that goaded him to "prove that I'm a racist" after a series of accusations to that effect.
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Lindsay Lohan and her fiance were recently involved in a physical altercation. Now, footage of the incident has emerged, and it's shocking, to say the least.
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David Eason is now involved in the custody dispute between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. This should end well.
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Ryan Lochte has finally admitted to really misleading the public when he claimed he was held up at gunpoint in Rio. He talks to Matt Lauer about the incident here.
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