In this video, we watch footage of the Kim Kardashian sex tape while Ray J's hilarious single, "I Hit It First" plays in the background.
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A girl who's allergic to caffeine tried Pepsi for the first time. Fortunately, her boyfriend caught her reaction on video.
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Candace Cameron Bure is a proud member of Team Justin Bieber. Watch her defend the pop singer in this clip from The View.
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Kylie Jenner posted yet another Snapchat video to her Instagram page last night. Remarkably, her lips look bigger than ever!
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We bet you've never seen a news report quite like this one. Watch as a journalist gets hit by a car on live television.
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Ready for a lot of craziness? And a new cast member? Check out the first trailer now for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8.
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Kim Kardashian appears here on Ellen and talks about the possibility of Kanye West running for President. Watch her reaction to this news now.
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