Someone finally figured out a way to get the best of Usain Bolt. And that someone is this total idiot on a Segway.
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Despite reports that he had committed suicide, Vester Flanagan is apparently still alive. The Virginia shooting suspect shot himself, but is currently hospitalized in critical condition.
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Rochelle Herman is the woman who first informed the FBI about Jared Fogle. Now, she's sharing her story for the first time.
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Ready to meet the most supportive father in history? Watch how this man reacts to his son choosing to purchase a Barbie Doll.
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Leah Messer calls Jeremy Calvert for the first time since he filed for divorce on this week's Teen Mom 2. His response to her request for a second chance is heartbreaking.
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Whoa there! Justin Bieber gets down and very dirty with Xenia Deli in this teaser for the "What Do You Mean?" music video.
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Sam Rader, with his wife Nia by his side, admits he used the cheating website Ashley Madison, but says he never had an affair and God has forgiven him.
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An excerpt from Tyga's terrible new song "Stimulated." He makes references to "penetration" of a girl who "may be young" but she "stimulating."
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