In this clip from Kendra on Top: The Untold Story, Kendra asks Hank point blank if he went to Ava London's place to have sex with a transsexual or not.
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Opening up a box of bulls--t from Cards Against Humanity, which were sold on Black Friday for $6, and include actual bulls--t.
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Rumors have been circulating that Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery even at her young age.
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What does true happiness look like? It looks like an English Bulldog rolling down a hill, as depicted here.
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John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon lip-sync to various pop hits. Pretty great.
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Lena Headey is speaking out on the Game of Thrones rape scene she was a part of ... and she had some pretty surprising comments.
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This video of Sharkeisha getting into a fight has gone viral. It spread so quickly and caused so much controversy that Instagram yanked it.
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Ava Sabrina London speaks about Hank Baskett cheating on Kendra Wilkinson with her, or so she claims.
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Kim Kardashian has gone full frontal! This video exposes the reality star's birthday suit in Paper Magazine. Consider yourselves warned, people!
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It's the father-daughter dance-off to end all father-daughter dance-offs! Seriously, folks, you must stop whatever you are doing and watch this video.
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Puff Daddy was clearly upset with Drake for several months before he punched him. Video from back in June shows Diddy bashing Drake during a concert.
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Janice Griffith has a broken foot because millionaire Dan Bilzerian tossed her off a roof. The porn star talks about the incident here.
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