Kim Kardashian opens up in this interview. She says she feared for her career after splitting from Kris Humphries.
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Rupert Sanders talks up Snow White and the Huntsman in this video. The director of that movie is accused of having an affair with Kristen Stewart.
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Fugitive Richard Matt has been shot and killed by police. Matt was on the run for 3 weeks after escaping from an Upstate NY prison.
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Cats sometimes steal beds from their fellow pets. And when this happens, dogs sometimes become angry and/or confused.
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Paris Hilton is pranked into believing her plane is about to crash in this video. Are you buying what the Z-lister is selling?
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Wiz Khalifa has come out with the music video for "See You Again." It pays living tribute to Paul Walker.
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Some dude in Glastonbury gave Kanye West the Kanye West treatment during a concert on Saturday night. Check out the clip here.
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