Kylie Jenner joined Tyga on stage during a club performance last night. Not surprisingly, the crowd went wild.
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Bindi Irwin pays tribute to her late father via this Dancing with the Stars routine. It earned her a perfect 10.
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This husband just found out his wife is pregnant. You must stop what you are doing to witness his heartwarming reaction.
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Ariana Grande said yesterday that her biggest celebrity crush is Jim Carrey. As Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White recently committed suicide, many feel the comment was inappropriate.
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Nice try, Westboro Baptist Church. Watch this video to see what happened when these bigots tried to protest a transgender homecoming queen.
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OOPS! This video features a guy playing Minecraft... taking a quick cigarette break... and then setting his room on fire.
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Justin Bieber snubbed Ronda Rousey's little sister at the Cannes Film Festival. Not surprisingly, the UFC champ wasn't very happy about it.
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Luke Gatti really wanted some mac and cheese on Sunday night. Unfortunately, his drunken efforts to get some landed him behind bars.
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