Dr. Drew Pinsky's HLN Show has been canceled a week after he made disparaging comments about Hillary Clinton's health. The network insists it was a "mutuall decision," but viewers are smarter than that.
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LuAnn de Lesseps was humiliated by fiance Tom D'Agostino Jr. after finding out he made out with someone else. However, the reality star has since forgiven him, but why?
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Britney Spears returned to the Video Music Awards stage on Sunday night. And she totally killed! See what we mean here.
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Courtney Stodden is trying to start a feud with Selena Gomez. We're guessing Selena will be smart enough to not take the bait.
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A deleted scene from Jill & Jessa: Counting On reveals a surprising secret about John-David Duggar. It seems he may have found that special someone!
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Bella Thorne may be dating a woman named Bella Pendergast. The weird part (aside from the name coincidence) is that Pendergast used to date Thorne's brother.
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A South Carolina mother is charged with killing her four-day-old son by leaving him in the fridge for four hours, though her family says she is innocent.
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In a deleted clip from 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' Kylie Jenner sees an alert on her phone and wants to know why everyone on the internet thinks she's pregnant.
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Khloe Kardashian has one simple question to ask her sisters in this Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip: What the heck is THIS?!?
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Jon Gosselin opens up here about his relationship with his kids. He says it isn't very good.
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It's Britney Spears and James Corden, bitches! The singer joins the comedian for this version of Carpool Karaoke.
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Courtney Stodden purchased a "reborn" baby, a suggestion from her therapist as a way to cope with her recent miscarriage. To her credit, Stodden does admit it's a little strange.
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