Justin Bieber joined Ariana Grande on stage at a recent concert. It seems Ari's boyfriend Big Sean didn't appreciate the sight of the Biebs getting hands with his girl.
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Meredith and company say goodbye to Derek on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 22. You must watch this trailer.
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A Full House spinoff series is in the works. Naturally, the big question on everyone's minds is: Were producers able to lure the Olsen twins back to the show that made them stars?
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John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon lip-sync to various pop hits. Pretty great.
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Kim Kardashian has gone full frontal! This video exposes the reality star's birthday suit in Paper Magazine. Consider yourselves warned, people!
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Lena Headey is speaking out on the Game of Thrones rape scene she was a part of ... and she had some pretty surprising comments.
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Cats sometime steal beds from their fellow pets. And when this happens, dogs get angry and confused.
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Did Erin Andrews just throw some shade at Jarret Stoll? Watch her interview here with Willow Shields.
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