Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez and Lazaro Arbos - "I Can't Help Myself"

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Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez and Lazaro Arbos teams up here for "I Can't Help Myself." It's not a very good performance.
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I record Idol and usually fast forward through commercials. However, this year I can't stand to hear the comments that come out of Minaj' mouth so I fast forward through all of the judges comments. I'm sick of the show and have moved onto the The Voice. The judges are classy and I feel entertained after the show is over. After watching Idol, I feel like I've been to a CAT fight or worse yet, like I did in Junior High when the girls were trying to figure out who there are. Shame on Minaj, she is so immature. What was the show thinking by making her a judge? I have no interest in the show and took it off my DVR recording setting.

Mark burns

Burp on Nicki


I really dislike Nicki, but boy did I agree with her about those guys getting off the stage. Here they have a chance of a lifetime, one that hundreds of thousands of people would love to have, and these contestants don't even bother to come prepared? Lazaro said he didn't know the words to the song. Memorize them, Laz! Unbelievable but no matter, I'm outta there. No more A. I. for me. It's just too awful this year!


Minaj is a CRUEL peron, and she can be REPLACE.
They weren't tha bad, atleast they TRIED. They don't need COLORED hair/& UGLY makeup to get NOTICED.


Welllllll, they did kinda suck. It really was a poor performance, however, Minaj is, by FAR, one of the worst judges EVER! Imma thinkin' Minaj needs to pack up her toys and go home...for good! Her voice alone is just as annoying as her criticsms are. Minaj needs to leave the AI stage!

Rebecca corley bailey

I agree this was weak in spots,but think Nicki TOTALLY over reacted! Miss Thang thinks she know everything about music! They push these kids sooo hard & think they need to lighten up sometimes!!!

Ms billie

I agree Minaj is very rude to everyone even the other judges, she also plays favoritism to the point of being racist. In my opinion she isn't a good judge and should be replaced. .As for Burnell mocking Lazaro's stuttering that was a jealously thing one that should cost him his position in the contest. Besides between the two Lazaro is by far my choice. I hope he wins to prove to everyone how good he really is..... He has my vote.


It wasn't that bad... I crack up when I see "judges" who use electronic technology to sing - actually slam these people who are singing "live"....I'd like to see Nicki (Mariah or any of them for that matter) up there on that stage.


Minaj is worse than Simon. She plays favoritism all the time.


No they were not good but Minaj needs to get the hell off the show,she is rude to everyone even to the other judges,and to act like that does not give the contestants any good self asteem,

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