Brock Lesnar Retires

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Brock Lesnar loses his UFC bout and promptly announces this is it for him. Check out the aftermath of his final appearance in the Octagon December 30, 2011.
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mate just went to your link that doesnt prove aithynng lesnar was never convicted of having steroids in fact the lab test results proved conclusivly that they were a vitamin of some sort with no sign of any groth hormone and the police were very apologetic im just trying to work out how you think this artilce justifys you saying that brocks on steroids there is no way the UFC would risk anyone whos on steroids look at marquart do you think if say Sonnen for instance had really cheated and done roids that he would still be in the UFC no way i cant believe that Dana White would risk the reputation of everything he has worked for with the UFC for Sonnen Lesnar or Overeem and for anyone to say that there are guys who use roids in the UFC is slinging mud and if everyone keeps doing it eventually it will stick all your doing by slagging these guys off is slagging off the UFC really

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