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Bristol Palin got into it with a Sarah Palin hater while filming her reality show and made some interesting comments. Watch the exchange here.

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Now are you that much of a htuefal person, that you had to find this site and post this. Let me know what episode you were on so we can see how well you did


This is reality tv. Staged, big time.
More money for her & him, and the public
buys it.


Way to go Bristol. I applaud your protection of your mother. No woman deserves to be called the names that was spat out by that man (no matter how angry [or drunk] he was). I have found that in this life all we actually have is our name. I for one, don't want anyone to bismirch my name. My mother worked all through my elementary and high school life and was not always there when I needed her (or so I thought). However, she was there in the most important role "My Mother". I probably would not have been able to contain myself like you did and I would have slapped the taste out of his mouth. I would have hit him so hard that his ancestors would have felt it...You have won me over. Sincerely,
April B. in GA

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