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Bristol Palin on Celebrity Wife Swap. This is the new low water mark for reality television right here.

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Trying to find out where Bristol bought her beautiful sectional sofa?


No class Palin family comes to Hollywood to get attention. Of course, when the Rivers go to Alaska, they are greeted by Sarah and Todd. Know any other family that has to get the media attention when the program is all about Bristol and Willow and Trip and their lack of parental training??? Todd and Sarah will try their best to make this the Palin reality show but hope that Joan Rivers gains some control and shows how big of celebrity wannabees this family of grifters is.


Not sure who is the wife--Bristol or Willow. Correct answer about the Wasilla school tramp would be which year? (Bristol while going to high school--but then Willow took over the title and was Miss Drug and Alcohol User of the Year. So Joan Rivers' question is valid--and now we all know why none of the Palins were college material. The First Toad should have asked Rivers "what is in this for us" rather than just trusting that mommy knows best.


You guys are all idiots, nothing wrong with the Palin family, the only thing wrong here is you people that have nothing else to do but put down people based on their political ideology. Get off the couch, quit feeding your kids with WIC and Food Stamps, move out of section 8 housing and join the rest of functioning society. Drill baby drill!

@ Court

This has nothing to do with politics. Bristol calls Levi a Hollywood guy, but Bristol is the one jumping in front of the cameras, just like her mother. They're all hypocrites. Nobody in the family has a real job, an education, and the kids have done nothing with their lives.


Yeah Palin's, get a real paid job.
Did Bristol get her face done for the TV?
Palins keep saying they hate LA/Hollywood but here they go again.

@ Bob

What you talking about? The Hollywood Palins are PROS are grifting off the government for years and years and years!


Wife swap? WTF


"Who's the school tramp in Wasilla?" LOL


OMG! How come they call it "Wife Swap" with no wives? Hilarious! Too bad we can't do a negative vote... that's about all it's worth. These Wasilla hillbillies need to get jobs and walk away from the camera. You know, like Bristoad moved back to Alaska for... hahaha! The Palins are all a waste of oxygen.

@ TNBlueDot

OMG! Your argument is stupid. Probably like you.

@ Court

You should try to understand a word before you use it, even a simple one like 'argument'. I make no "argument" whatsoever. You appear to be a true Palinista/moron.


This family will go to any length to make money without a real job even if they look like total fools.

@ brenda

You sentence makes no sense. Neither does your punctuation placement... oh wait... there wasn't any punctuation.


What won't this family do to avoid getting a job?

@ Cheez

you spelled CHEESE wrong. Just saying.

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