A compilation of Brett Favre messages to Jenn Sterger. Funny stuff. And not G-rated at all.

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Ever since Adam and Eve, women have had a way of tempting man to do their bidding. It's a shame that Favre got caught up with this obvious temptress and tease. She appeared in Nude Magazines and now wants to take it a step further. Maybe a reality show like "The real sluts of New York". Sterger and Inez Sainz could co-star. It's amzing to me how these immature women have so little respect for themselves. In the case if Inez, she obviously, has no respect for her husband or her 3 children. How do you explain to your family why you literally ride on the shoulders of Football players. Is this professional reporting. I would dumb her butt so fast and take the kids with me.

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