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Bella Swan is now a vampire. That's the suspenseful, awesome theme of the first official trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

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omgossssshhhhh yesss cant freaking wait


I took my teenage nieces to see Breaking Dawn Pt1. I didn't expect to like it (because I'm a 36 year old blk woman)but I did! Now I got ants in my pants to see Pt2. I may have to buy a tent and some camping gear in November to get my movie ticket!


I love twilight i kant wait for part 2 to come out!!! Its gunna be hella awesome....bella a vampire!! Dude team edward all the way:))))


I cant wait!!! The world is gunna end this year cuz twilight will be over!! AHHHHH CANT WAIT AHHHHH CANT WAIT!!!!!! Ive read breaking dawn 6 times sence Breaking dawn part 1 came out in DVD!! I JUST CANT WAIT IM GUNNA DIEEE!!!


It comes out on my was so meant to be ;-)


I need see this movie like...yesterday


I'm so hooked this is my Own personal Heroine! Rhonda u made me laugh it's true they only tease with dat short clip.


Why does it have to wait till November i need my fix now

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