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Bella Swan is now a vampire. That's the suspenseful, awesome theme of the first official trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

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I hope it comes out soon I want to see breaking dawn part 2 so so bad!!!!!!


Why didn't it all come out at once they left me hanging but I hope they show


Why are so many people on team Edward? Robert Pattison is ugly, epically compared to Taylor Lautner. I mean have you seen him shirtless? That's all I'm saying.


Hey coco. Learn to spell. It's Renesmee. I hate how people chat speak names or make up their own spellings. Honestly I am disappointed with part one. They didn't keep the birth scene as Mrs. Myers stated it would be in numerous interviews I hated how they made Renesmee futuristic while Jake was imprinting and added her into scenes from previous movies. I also hate how they have Rose in the room where Bella is going to wake up with the baby. I wished they would have kept the scene in the book where Leah was telling them off in wolf form. There was no reason to force the wolf fight that wasn't even in the book. I hope part two sticks more to the actual story line then the first one.


sophia oh no you didnt just say that! Edward rocks ,u stink.I cant wait to see the new one sooooo frekin bad ugh omg!!!


Oh my God I can not wait!!! I love there baby she is sooooo cute and I love the name....Ranezamay.... I thout Bella was dead till I saw her eyes open it scared me oh by the way I lovee Edward :))))


Will this day ever come? I'm in suspense


Omg can't wait!!! So glad it comes out on my b-day this year!!! Team Jacob, not the freaky vampire.


I am such a big fan and just recently start watching twilight, thanks to my son. Now i have my own personal collection of all four movies. I can't wait to see Bella & Edward kiss again. They are perfect on the screen, &to of course their fast growing new born baby girl. This love story touches my heart every time I watch twilight, I cry when they, I smile when they do, I have never been sooo drawn into a movie, EVERYTIME, I watch Twilight!!! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NOV. 16TH, Omg!!!!!


Can't wait too see the rest of the book come to life I'm such a huge fan i cannot wait for November to get here :)

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