A new trailer has been released for Breaking Dawn Part 2. It features Bella as a vampire and gives us a look at the climactic battle scene. Watch now!

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Nicely done! I've really ejnoyed seeing this video come together and reading about your process. The moving images you chose are so evocative and I like how the blizzard snow is used at the beginning and end (great sound effect with it, too!) The music is a perfect choice! I'm about halfway through with Witchlanders right now, btw, and I'm LOVING it! Thank you so much for writing such a great book!


yeah!!!!!!!!!! another movie about this vampire that falls 4 his meal...hope it flops.......i remember wen vampires sucked blood, not dick.


Can NAWWWWT waaaiiiiitttt!!!!!! :)


I will be watching

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