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This may be grainy, but who cares?!? It's your first extended look at Breaking Dawn Part 2, courtesy of Part 1's Blu-Ray edition.

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TeamJacob: I love him he is SEXY


oh okay good. and i know that <3


oh okay sorry and btw you spelled here wrong and a bought <3.


Hey,uhm i don't know you ms cullen but i think it would be better if you don't act as me on her okay .........okay but and even though you'r a big fan of mine i am realy glad asbought that but just don't be me okay?


i love you Edward Cullen forever and ever always till the end <3.


team jacob :L from the free huges crew in beverly hills sydney cheeehhoooooo


I cannot wait for Part two.. I hate that they have to end. Each movie is better than the previous. They are all AWESOME !!!!!!


I've never been so intensely involved by a series.
I must say that a true Twilight fan has read each book and
Of course experienced each movie !


I actually watched all 4 parts of twilight's saga last year in 2011and I immediately fell in love with it. I have been some drawn to it till I dream of hoping I can someday find that faithful and securing love that Edward and Bella have for each other; no matter what they go through or face. It's love that will never die.!


The DVD was just released here yesterday in the UK, and I got my copy the same day. Can't believe we've got to wait so long for Breaking Dawn Part 2, I can't wait to see it. Counting down the months and days already. Just about every night I watch at least one of the films, as I can't get enough of it. Even my mum is a recent convert at the age of 62 and I'm 42. My husband just doesn't understand why I love it so much. It will be fantastic final movie if the book is anything to go by!!!!

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