Breaking Bad Characters: Disgusted by Miley Cyrus

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Hank and Marie cannot believe their eyes in this clip from Breaking Bad. Look at what Miley Cyrus is doing!
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We create , want, and pay for it. The more serious issues about the world don't get folks upset,but thing like this is high priority. What would there be if we didn't have stunts like these to keep us freaking out. Wake up people! What's really important to you


I thought if she was my daughter, we would have had a long, long, talk! Then I would have said, "Keys please. " You and I over the next two or three weekends are going to get to know one another. Then we'll see if you can act like a LADY!


The entertainment industry and powers that be within it are corrupt, immoral and disgusting. Censorship of this evil is needed to stop their perverted influence on the vunerable, and consequent destructive effect on the entire world.

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