Brandon Howard Speaks on DNA Test

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Brandon Howard addresses rumors surrounding the DNA test allegedly proving he is the son of Michael Jackson.
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Love Michael Jackson with all my heart, but this child look just like his twin, even if he's not Michael he looks like a younger Joe Jackson, because Michael looked a lot like Joe in his younger years. This will make a lot of the gay rumors sigh, he was just a very private we all should be!!!!


he is michaels son


He could be Joe Jackson's son. Met Joe and Miki together in L.A. in 1980. Even though he worked with her they looked like they could have had something going on. Brandon looks a little like some of the Jackson clan. But he also, looks like he is Johnsons son too. What does Miki say? How did this rumor all start?


Pleez, someone's got to admit it --- this is Michael's child. Look at him; his mouth, his face, the way he speaks and licks his lips the way Michael did, for Pete's sake! And when he says he's being taken care of very well, hell, I believe it because I get the feeling the Jackson family has been paying him AND his mom (Miki Howard) some hush money for YEARS. I'd be thrilled to learn that Michael actually DID father a child of his own the natural way, because although he raised Michael II, Paris and Blanket, it's pretty damned obvious there's not a drop of Jackson DNA in 'em.


He looks like a Michael Jackson impersonator to be honest! but if the DNA proves he's his kid he for sure deserves something!

@ sweet dick willie

he looks just like the whole jackson family

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