Brandi Glanville takes to Twitter to bash Lisa Vanderpump, and fans fire back!

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Brandy has major issues. She's jealous of Joyce, Lisa, and really doesn't care for Kyle. Kyle is just a means to an end, and Kyle has allowed herself to be used, because of her own personal feelings toward Lisa. Eddie Cyprian you did right, running for the hills, but did you really do much better? Just saying.....

@ Vicki+

I think brandi need some professional help.the girl is crazy.and Kyle she is so delusional .blaming lisa for what the press say about her husband.why dont she spend her time finding out if it's true.he is hot and rich.and she is not much of a catch

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Brandi Glanville Pic Brandi Glanville is the wife of Eddie Cibrian. They have two children together. She made news recently by calling LeAnn Rimes a stalker... More »
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