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A video detailing a Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy. It's really quite something what people will think up.

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only in America can stupid people come up with this crap...move to Russia and take this garbage with you. Then you and the terrorists live in "peace"

@ Lindy

you are brain washed buddy


I believe a lot of this is iffy as hell but as a sidenote of healthy skepticism, putting your shades on after a concussive blast is something that can actually happen, I remember when I was in Iraq after we got blown up a civilian victim put his hat on, grabbed his feet that had been blown off and dazed walked around while we where getting shot at. People who have suffered concussions do the weirdest things. I am not saying that is the case with this dude, but it is probable in case this was real, that is what could have happened.


WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! How the hell on Earth There is only 2-3 cameras at the end of the marathone?? it's not 90th or 80th.. How the hell only 2 cameras catched the explosion??? in BOSTON?? I live in Turkey and every 10 meters there are cameras!!


If you believe the bombing was a conspiracy I have a 76 Mustang I will sell you for $20


YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!!! PEOPLE DIED OR WERE THEY ACTORS TOO??? Please land the black helicopter dumbass.


I cannot believe I just wasted 11 minutes of my life watching that garbage. there was absolutely nothing in that video that would change my thoughts in any way. instead It just made me sick to my stomach that people would actually make up shit like this to try to stir the pot. that was pathetic


Ok people really think that these injured people are actors? Tell me how they had time in those few seconds that the bombs went off to paint blood all over there leg and do makeup to look as though theyve been in a blast. All in 10 seconds really? Cus they didnt show up to the marathon like that lol a bloody amputee standing next to someone would be sure to catch somebodys attention. Use common sense they were not and could not be actors! There was not enough time to do all the makup to make it look real! Do u know how long it takes a makeup artist in movies to make people look like that? HOURS! nobody can do over 170 peoples "makeup" in 10 seconds!

@ jessica

The actors were in the building directly behind the bombing site. the same building the the windows blew out. They just walked out in all the smoke un-noticed.

@ MR Johnson

There is a video of the building from overhead that the smoke does not obscure and I can tell you that no one walked out of the building after the blast.




Actually, yes, I might put my sunglasses on if there was a bony stump near my face, as to protect me eyes. I won't even bother to get into the rest of it and don't assume because I won't that I'm a government sheep. There was a time when conspiracy theories were intriguing and really made you wonder. Nowadays, it's just...see that leprechaun in the background? He's an FBI hired crisis actor who's here to take our pots of gold from us! I'm embarrassed that I even watched that.

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