Boston Bombing Costume Sparks Outrage

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A 22-year old in Michigan dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween. As you can imagine, many were unhappy with this move.

what the hell were you thinkin you cold hearted selfish b****you say people are making death threats etc cetera against you and your family and you wanted to stop well did you ever think before you put that stupid costume on that people from the barman with see the picture and how they want the pain that they have to deal with everyday to stopI think your help should last wait longer than theirs because you are heartless and you talk about your parents let me tell you they suck at parenting because obviously they failed with you I know someone who is there and the pain and the nightmares that they have every second of every day don't ever compare to the pain that you're feeling from people common so you can suffer just as much as they have you heartless b***ch

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