Born to Be Wild Performance

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On American Idol movie night, Adam Lambert belted out "Born to Be Wild." Do we really need to tell you how incredible it was? WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, BUT THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED.

Adam, you have talent oozing from every pore!!! On top of that, you are also charismatic, humble, and appreciative! And the way you can take constructive criticism from the judges at your level of talent and experience is amazing. That's a wicked combination! Do you have any idea how successful you're about to become?! lol LOVE YOU!!!


my ONLY complaint about that performance is the camera's positioning during any super hot below the belt dancing at the most critical moments! kind of made me feel like we were on the ed sullivan show again :P


Go Adam..
u are the WINNER


Oh my god, if Adam doesn't win then there is something wrong with the American public. The most amazing, natural talented man ever to be on television, he blows me away every time i see him.


OMG! Phenomenal performance last night! Please put all your songs you've done on American Idol on a CD or better yet take it on the road. Paula has it right. You are fantastic!

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