Borgore ft. Miley Cyrus - Decisions (Live in LA)

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Borgore and Miley Cyrus perform "Decisions" live in L.A. So much risque dancing!
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She was born in 1992 - OK, so she's 21 - whatever.


What did she do that was so risque? She is 22 years old and still trying to get away from her sweet little girl image. She will look back on videos like that one day and laugh. Cute haircut.


Like most, I loved her as Billy-Ray's little daughter and tweener... would have loved to keep her that way, all pure and magical. But time & tide wait for no man, nor take our preferences into account when children grow up and become their own adults, separate from their childhood identities.
So grow up, Miley. Just try to please God overall, and try not to embarrass your dad too much (is it possible? I mean, remember his mullet?) or make him cry too much, except out of love for you and all you do and are to him. God bless you always!


I don't understand what was so bad about that :/ She hasn't gone too far society and media has. STFU already she's a grown woman she can do what she wants who gives two s**ts? She's making money either way. I saw the performance in LA and it was fun and entertaining.


Christmas Creampies is not an easy show title to live up to. The strippers appropriately dressed. Miley is badly overdressed, the long pants with the Christmas Creampies show title simply don’t go together. I don’t think she should have chosen a show title that sets such a low bar for proper attire, but she did, and a performer should deliver. With such an average figure, performing she really needs either to flaunt her body wearing a lot less, a gorgeous long dress, or her old gorgeous signature long hair. She cut her hair, the long dress wouldn’t go with the show title, so the only way to pull off the show right would be wearing a lot less. A dumb show, but risque enough for you to talk about it is good enough to make money.


Seriousy , people , you are way to uptight. Sex is not an evil thing. Go visit Europe and then look at their stats on sex crimes...coincidence, i think not.

@ areyoudwn

You are so off, United States is 13th overall behind a number of European countries. What a Total bunch of bull. Not to mention sex slavery where Europe has to be in the top 5.


Wait a couple of years, and we will be reading her about her addiction, and fall from grace.


From class to NO CLASS!


would have been good if she had somethig to show. the girl on the pole was better looking.


It would be different if she could actually sing and dance. But, she is very bad at both and not very pretty either.

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