Bobbi Kristina Bikini Photo: Too Thin?

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Is Bobbi Kristina Brown too thin? This new pic sparked a whole lot of controversy.

I am praying for her and I would like to no if everything go okay with Mrs Brown and also I am still praying for her


Good evening bobbi krista Brown did you have a good morning
.o.k text back have a good day and your fagher I said hello.


131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#1**
This celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is a one time reality star. She is also the biggest crack head around but is not something that really shocks her family. The thing is she can barely function because she would rather smoke crack than eat and is killing herself.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown is the 18-year old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. She says she wants to appear in her own reality... More »
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Bobbi Kristina Brown