Bitter, Mean Miley

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Wow. Miley Cyrus and best friend Mandy Jiroux have released a video that mocks a previous video released by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Miley and Mandy come across as rather pretty and bitchy in theirs, if you ask us. Watch and decide for yourself.
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miley looks weird and a little emo>.<
at first i thought that selena gomez was MILEY!!!
anywayz...selena gomez sucks^^
she posed like vanessa hudgens in pictures
but the worst of all is demi ... her voice sucks in live>.<
and miley 's voice is awesome
maybe miley was just playing around acting like a bitch?


sos orrible en verdad un asco adora a miley cyrius y a vos te odio parese que te uvieran vomitado ensima


i know miley and mandy were just having fun but tht was still a bitchy thing to do!!!!
i think miley is jeolous of selena but i dont know i love them both but now im not so sure abt miley!


miley is hot selena is not demi looks better than both


ok i love all four of them and u guys know that later on they said that they were just joking and teasing they're like all friends love u guys


Miley is a bitch ass whore. the slut put out all day and sucks her dads wiener


i see where yall are getting it from all the hate 1 thing miley just stop


she might have made fun of hot peepo but shes still a nice girl too bad she said somthing meen


No Shes Not She Did Something With Her Life You Would Never Be Able To Do That Anon I Respect her

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