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Wow. Miley Cyrus and best friend Mandy Jiroux have released a video that mocks a previous video released by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Miley and Mandy come across as rather pretty and bitchy in theirs, if you ask us. Watch and decide for yourself.

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Look, i know we all have different opinions but come on THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! First why would Nick break up with Miley after something so ridiculous and it was obviously Selena who copied Miley as Miley started to make up the videos from the beginning!!! Come on we all know that this is not true as Selena is a big fat lying twat!!!!


wow! okayy miley you really need to stop it aint funny at all the way u try to play you guys are just jelouse becuz there bothhh soo beautiful and you guys are so ugly! miley a tips! do somthin with ur eyebrows there ugly and fix ur teeth dnt be hateingg on demis! stupid bitch!


no way this is the true about miley


how dont you know that selena copied miley instead? And why would nick break up with miley over something so ridiculous? THINK ABOUT THIS!!!


Miley cyrus,is just like a virus(a computer webcam virus).. is miley cyrus is a lesbian???im sorry virus,bt this is gonna hurt, to u n t yo partner Mandy the candy without sugar... there is a fact that represent's virus n mandy are lesbo partners..the Gothic style of mandy is the fact.... miley cyrus the virus ur sound is ugly same like as your body... when u sing a song,its like a of feedback disaster with thundering... "Bitchy Miley you don't have bad luck. The reason why bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass."


Mileys getting jealous, Mileys gettin jealous, Mileys gettin jealous,
miley is sooo jealous of selena coz shes now and mileys a was, a has been, and a goof


love selena


miley cyrus and mandy u got to SHUT UP you guy are so stupid that is why miley gets sued all of the time , next thing u know miley is gonna be poor and she is not gonna to be a superstar any more she is gonna be a poor person livin in the streets asking dfor money


Selena is not a man stealer at all. she seems like a realy nice girl! ive said something mean about my ex's new girlfriend before but then again i didnt post it on youtube. BUT miley is realy talented and she's a great entertainer


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