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Bill O'Reilly has a simple response to the video of Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong: she's pathetic. And certainly no role model.
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sooo shes 18 she can do wat she wants.. she shouldnt have to change for others... she needs to be herself.... damn peoples..


Oh my god you guys are so fucking annoying. She is NOT a role model. Okay good for you,your supporting her but at the end of the day getting high is getting high. who cares if it's salvia? You can get high by that! Who gives a FUCK if younger kids have done worse, shit. So if I kill my mom,would It be okay since younger kids have killed both their parenst?NO. At the end of the day miley is a role model to 5 year olds, she shouldn't be getting high.


yo noobz thats totally salvia not pot any veteran stoner could point that out from a mile away, bill you should pull your head out your ass we all known you've ripped tubs once or twice


I don't know why weed is not sold in the u.s for people to buy if the goverment would make way more money off it then that shit. if miley would be bonging it.And the only side effect is hungry, happy sleepy. No one ever reported a death form it. Everyone would be much happier if they all somked some weed,plus its grown for the ground so what's the problem.


I know younger kids that have done worse. Her days are over? Fuck that, she is still my role model. Billy must be a dumbass because true fans will stay with her no matter what she does. Her days won't be over for a long time.

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