Bill O'Reilly Bashes the Kardashians

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Preach on, Bill O'Reilly! In this interview with Barbara Walters, the Fox News anchor sums up our feelings on the Kardashians very well.
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the Kardashians are vulgar to say the least. What they are selling is vulgar trash. Can't beleive what I just heard o TV- Chloe Kardashian being considered as a judge on X-Factor! Your f-n kidding me! How coud someone like Chloe, who has zero talent, except for acting cheap and gold digging have any credentials to be a judge Get real TV. Get real Kardashians. The Kardashians should do some charity work, instead of talking about their V-g's on TV all the time. Disgusting! The have no class whatsoever!


I am not gonna lie, this is not a shock to me what so ever. They are definitely fascinating people, I do agree they are very self centered people and don't do a whole lot, but I started to watch their shows this year and for some reason I can not stop watching. I can't even explain why I watch the show, my only thought is that they are just interesting people.


O'Reilly hit it right on the nose, Barb has missed this one by a mile...2011 Most Facinating people, what a joke. Barb has lost it! Yes a few made were okay, but give me a break...wouldn't a worker in a homeless selter, a foster parent, a community giver, a public servant, a average Joe or Jill been a more meaningful list....Instead she blew it up with people that are not facinating at the least, more yet they are boring and into themselves....Barb should be ashamed of herself for defending even such a act...I once thought she was a awesome reporter/interviewer but she needs to retire now that she has lost perspective on the real world.... SHAMEFUL SIMPLY SAMEFUL BARB....

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