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Bill Nye lashes out in this video against those who somehow don't believe in evolution. The Science Guy has stepped into a major debate with his view.

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Forth, never believe any theory, hook-line-and-sinker. Always be a skeptic.
The evidence of evolution is undeniable, but still incomplete.
Some of Darwin's conclusions have been disproven, and our understanding of evolution has had numerous corrections, as new evidence has been uncovered.
If you wish to further our understanding of our biology, study it, and make your own discoveries. This is indeed the point of science, after-all. Lastly, don't be afraid of science. Specifically, don't be afraid of evolution, physics, math, and biology. To deny evidence that proves the verity of an idea that you don't like, shows how much fear you have of this reality. You're doomed to fail in the long run, as most people will see the denial of evidence as obstinate ignorance, that hides that fear.

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