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The racists team up against the non-racists in this fight captured on Big Brother 15 cameras and aired on CBS.

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Big Brother 15 Winner

It was down to GinaMarie and Andy on Big Brother 15. So, who took home the season 15 title? With a vote of seven to two, 26-year-old Andy Herren beat out 32-year-old GinaMarie Zimmerman for the title.

Aaryn Gries OWNED By Julie Chen

Aaryn Gries gets taken to task by Julie Chen for her comments on Big Brother 15.

Aaryn Gries Evicted on Big Brother

Aaryn Gries was evicted from the “Big Brother” house and had to face the firing squad known as Julie Chen.

Big Brother: Amanda Zuckerman Racist Comments

Yes, someone else was racist on Big Brother this week. Amanda Zuckerman, the dishonor is now yours.

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OMG>>Get that racist bitch out of the house..CBS, are the ratings that important because I know alot of people who will stop watching because of race issues..REDICULOUS


Aaryn is a fu*kin idiot!! She does realize there's life after her BB game is over right? The public is gonna absolutely destroy her piece by piece! I see a blondie beatdown in the near future! HAA!


Iam so glad aaryn told that titsune off ,n all u idiot liberals get on her for it,,i

@ J fache

What are you talking about....why would you think that someone is a liberal for thinking it is wrong to be a racist.

@ J fache

Your sad Aaryn is a racist just like you and its so sad that people can think they way you Gina Marie,Spencer,Aaryn and Kaitlin think in 2012


That 5-minute video is further proof that B-O-T-H Aaryn and GinaMarie need to go home...NOW!!!!! And, by the way...I give Howard major KUDOS AND PROPS for quickly doing damage control (or whatever) and getting Candice the hell out of that room before things got more ugly. One final thing: Remember...Helen is now the new H.O.H. in the house. So...I am positive that Helen is gonna nominate B-O-T-H Aaryn and GinaMarie for eviction in Sunday night's new BB episode. Aaryn and GinaMarie's WHACK-ASS REIGN OF TERROR has gone on for WAY TOO LONG!!!!! Snotty-ass bitches.

@ jaybird369

Aaryn is a racist stuck up bitch who likes to pretend she is the cheerleading captain and attacks anyone who could ever become more popular than her. She also hated Elissa from day one....for nothing more than being Rachel's sister.

@ David Duke

David...dude, I agree!!!!! Ever since Day 1 (aka the start of the new season), Aaryn has displayed nothing but a racist, snotty, stuck-up and toxic ATTITUDE!!!!! Dude...remember when that pretty-boy David was the 1st houseguest to be evicted??? Of course, Aaryn started boo-hoo-ing and whining. Then, Aaryn boo-hooed and whined a second time when Nick was evicted. More and more, Aaryn emotionally leaves a nasty-ass taste in my mouth...YUCK!!!!! Bottom Line here: The moment that Aaryn is evicted, I hope that the Big Brother audience rips her stupid ass to SHREDS...LOL!!!!! KARMA, bro...KARMA!!!!!


This is sooooooooooo stupid!!!! I'm white and yet I hope Candice knock the hell out of Aaryn and any other person who says racist crap. Does Aaryn not realize that she's digging her grave?? KARMA' s a bitch and she's in for a rude awakening.


Aaryn needs to be slapped. She asked Candice where's her class class but where is Aaryn's class. Also for those who says Aaryn's comments aren't racist, they are. When you stereotype anyone you're putting it out there like everyone is like that which is not true. Aaryn has a history of racist/homophobic comments. She was talking about Helen and said Helen needs to make her some rice she called that one guy a queer (I forget his name). Learn what racism is before you speak on it. And if you have never experienced it then do not speak on it.


This is heartbreaking to watch. I HATE Aaryn and Anna Marie!!!!!!!!!!! I am a white, blond, blue eyed attractive women too and watching this makes my blood BOIL!!! I am angry watching this! I thought this was 2013!!! I'm also a different generation. I was born in the 1970's. WTF!!!!!

@ Louise

Way to honk your own horn, on such a harsh and serious issuse.
Maybe you want to post your mail or web adress under your comment as well with a wink and a look me up guys.
Simply vile.


LMFAO!!! Really? And african amercian? Seriousy? HAHA so what wites are called what? I swear first poor Mrs. Paula Dean said the nig word and got banished for freedom of speech tht happened how long ago? And now is there a law saying respect the nigs their #1? No there's not! Hell they always talking shit about other races but do they get in trouble oh hell no cause their a nig fuk it lol And go ahead and reply with bad comments I don't really give a fuk.....

@ yep

LMFAOOOOOOOOOO! AHAHAHAHAHAHA IM LITERALLY DIEINGG OF LAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!!!!! I find tthis sooooooooooooooo fuckking funny cuz i NO if this was a public conversation ur ass would b sitting down lips zipppedd!!! It's just soo funny how people try to hide they're rasicism in public but yet behind thier door where no one can see they decide to write hate on the internet. Thank you soo much for your opion but until you have the balls to say this shit infront of 20 of us black people then kindly shut the fuck up.


i hope aaryn and anna marie sees this. you two punk bitches and racist as fuck. i wish u would. Candice dont pay them no mind.. they are ignorant and stupid...


Wow....just wow. What a disgusting display.....a waste of air time that they've given these disgusting pieces os shit. Once they're out of the house, they'll realize that Karma's a Bitch!

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