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The racists team up against the non-racists in this fight captured on Big Brother 15 cameras and aired on CBS.

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Big Brother 15 Winner

It was down to GinaMarie and Andy on Big Brother 15. So, who took home the season 15 title? With a vote of seven to two, 26-year-old Andy Herren beat out 32-year-old GinaMarie Zimmerman for the title.

Aaryn Gries OWNED By Julie Chen

Aaryn Gries gets taken to task by Julie Chen for her comments on Big Brother 15.

Aaryn Gries Evicted on Big Brother

Aaryn Gries was evicted from the “Big Brother” house and had to face the firing squad known as Julie Chen.

Big Brother: Amanda Zuckerman Racist Comments

Yes, someone else was racist on Big Brother this week. Amanda Zuckerman, the dishonor is now yours.

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i love everybody but them sick bitches need to be beat the fuck down


oh hell no Candice you should've smack those bitches. They lucky one Polynesian is not on the show, cause those bitches wouldn't be on the show they'll be in the hospital


It's a shame that these stupid ass white females would still have the mind set to be rude an disrespectful to a black woman an everyone seem to be ok with that, I CAN'T PUT MYSELF IN THAT PLACE CAUSE THEM BITCHES WOULD'VE GOT IT, To the disrespectful white chicks you will not get away with that trust me do on to other it will be done to you, you feel her hurt 10 times more believe me, I try to watch big brother I like big brother but for them to show no care in the world is stupid to me, Thet have no attachment to what the house gusee says, but its your show an you have black people on it an are watching it. I would never watch BIG BROTHER AGAIN. YOU WOULD NOT MAKE IT FAR BIG BROTHER IS DONE.

@ newmama



the black dude is a true gentleman and the bigger person in all of that crappy situation


Unfortunate but so sadly true that this is exactly what black women must suffer from the time we are little girls. And worst of all, it follows us to the workplace, where we live and where we shop. A certain section of the Old South lives on and America is a very very racist place. THIS IS TAME COMPARED TO WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS.


Such a shame that such a beautiful (on the outside) girl, such as Aaryn, is so rotten and mean. She really has shown America what an ugly person she truly is. Her parents should be ashamed of the spoiled little monster they have raised.


ginamarie is a lowlife cunt from si i went to school with her fat ass brother hes a lump of shit to.


It's time to leave Paula Dean alone and move on to more deserving bigots. I would love to see Aaryns' reaction to all this feedback when she leaves the BB house. They should block out about 10 minutes just to interview her and show her the posts.


Wow, that Aaryn has no class. If I was her parents I'd pack up & move before she gets kick out of the Big Brother house. Thumbs up to Howard, what a class act. I wonder if he's single? I have a 24 year old daughter at home who needs a good strong man. Stay strong Candice, Howard, Helen, & the others with a brain. Aaryn, Ginamarie, & their group will soon be walking out the door. :)


Both of those girls need to be kicked off the show. CBS is allowing the same thing as if they were using the "N" word. It is racist no matter how you look at it!! What is the difference in the Paula Deen case? This is worse because it keeps going on everyday and hurting these people.

@ dechda

I just saw a bunch of idiots...I really doubt anyone needs to be kicked off. But soon enough Aaryn may be voted off.

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