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The racists team up against the non-racists in this fight captured on Big Brother 15 cameras and aired on CBS.

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Big Brother 15 Winner

It was down to GinaMarie and Andy on Big Brother 15. So, who took home the season 15 title? With a vote of seven to two, 26-year-old Andy Herren beat out 32-year-old GinaMarie Zimmerman for the title.

Aaryn Gries OWNED By Julie Chen

Aaryn Gries gets taken to task by Julie Chen for her comments on Big Brother 15.

Aaryn Gries Evicted on Big Brother

Aaryn Gries was evicted from the “Big Brother” house and had to face the firing squad known as Julie Chen.

Big Brother: Amanda Zuckerman Racist Comments

Yes, someone else was racist on Big Brother this week. Amanda Zuckerman, the dishonor is now yours.

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I think ya all are wack.. Freedom of speech..
If they want to use stereotypical terms so be it.. Are you all little children with no life?


I think what all this shows, is that the Elitist REPUBLICAN WHITE agenda is NOT going to win this war. Helen, Andy and Candice represent the people of color and gender INEQUALITY that has represented the UNITED STATED OF AMERICA. It's OVER peeps. You white racist will not win. This IS a melting pot and TOLERANCE of other peoples/races/sexual identities will win out. PERIOD.


This is disgusting behaviour! The UK show would not stand for this. I'm shocked that the USA show condones this behaviour


That was stupid


Ugh, I cannot believe this. All I have to say is Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlyn and everyone else acting completley immature, ignorant, racist, anti gay or disrespectful on this show is in for a not so pretty surprise upon returning home. And personally, I can't wait for that! I so want Julie to stick it to them when they get evicted! Ugh, reality television has gotten to a new level of digusting. Why am I watching this show?? Oh ya, cuz I totally love Howard!


This is stupidity. Just people pushing each others buttons. And the most irritating was the crab-clap blonde..saying that nonsense...the one who was setting there with the real blonde hair..she seemed to epitomize dumb blonde jokes!!


Soft blacks. Only tough in gangs? How's it feel to reverse the roles, porch monkeys?

@ Zimmerman=Hero

Hell have a place for U & Zimmerman y'all stupid crackers ... So sad. Just kill yourself the world would be a better place without you both in it

@ @Kill_zimmermam

Your racist cracker
Come say that to my face, I'll meet you anywhere.


This pisses me off and I am a white female. This is absolutely NOT OKAY and those white girls need to EVOLVE!!!! Candice you're beautiful and a classy, good don't need that!


CBS is on some BS. They in their inaction...are condoning this racist behavior. Julie Chen should shut up...because..she has not taken a position against it...why is she still hosting it. When someone get will be the "black" girls fault...even if it isnt. Boycott CBS and it's sponsors!!!!


This is a very sad situation, but understand this is a part of life and if people think racism does not exist anymore, they are sadly mistaken. These women (aaryn and ginamarie) are being natural in what they are saying and how they are acting. Most racist seek out others who feel the same way they do. Candice and Howie knew what they were getting into signing up for the show. America is seeing what young adults (25-35 yo) are feeling and this expression of hate is sad. Continue to educate and when the shoe goes on the other foot, hopefully the lesson will be learned. This is the society we live in!

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