Beyonce posed for the 90th anniversary edition of "L'Officiel Paris." Why is there controversy attached to the pictorial? Watch this video and see for yourself.

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If u look at the offending photo, it shows her arms, hands and chest as her normal appearing tone, but her face is extremely darkened as in blackface. You would be offended if a white star, actress, singer, showed up in blackface, so why the double standard? There is reason to be offended, you just can't discern the disrespect it connotes to If u don't understand, maybe you should look through history for some understanding.


That was one of the most artistic photo shoots I've ever witnessed. If you think there is anything wrong with what Beyonce did, get a book on the various African Queens. Their skin color coincides with the region of Africa they reside in.


Comments here must be from people who have to tan under a lamp or the sun for their color. As a black woman, I will share why black face is offensive. Remember Al Joelson? We are not just black, we are brown, yellow, brick red, black and sometimes even white. That being said, I have no problem w/ the pics due to the concept of the shoot. It is very African. Black Americans are not African so to see her w/ black on here face to make her darker is just for the Africa shoot is quite alright due to artistic reasons. If she were white w/ blackface, that would be completely different.


I don't see the big deal....what's so controversy about it....people need to just get a life and stop making everything a controversy....


I think people just need to face the fact that black people Are they ashamed of it or something? they need to be proud to be who they are. Beyonce is obviously comforable with it, as she is proving here. I don't see the big "scandal"

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