Ben Flajnik on Ellen

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Ben Flajnik gets grilled by Ellen DeGeneres about getting played by Courtney Robertson. The Bachelor in the hot seat!
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I honestly don't think she's nearly as terrible as everyone makes her out to be. I just think she knows what to say and do to attract a man. Sure, some of the things she has done on the show are less than classy, but it is a hollywood reality t.v. show and they can edit things however they want to portray people in certain lights. They want a villain for ratings. We can't know her true character just from the clips they decide to show. And besides that, she hasn't said anything close to the blatantly cruel things that Bentley said about Ashley behind her back. She only has good things to say about Ben.


Personally I think he looks like a neanderthal. Not attractive at all.


This is the worst season ever. Way to many manipulating girls... and he picks the biggest one. She is purely in this for the exposure and has so many people playing into her hands... but better yet... Ben just might have some serious issues himself. Why wouldn't you listen when people keep telling him... I think they might both be in this for their 15 minutes of fame...


My husband and I both think Courtney is ugly. She has a freakishly weird mouth. I am a psychiatrist in a "hospital" and I truely believe she has psychological and social disorders. She also shows no real emotion and appears to delight in the misery of others. He does pick her over runner-up, Lindzi. They get engaged in Switzerland. I think it will increase the Bachelor's success rate to 0-16. The chosen one is, in medical terms, OFF. Don't fret, it won't last.

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