Ben Breedlove Life Story, Part 1

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Ben Breedlove is a teen who died of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy on Christmas day. Prior to his passing, he recorded this video.
This video is no longer available. Please check below for related videos.

hello im very sorry that you had to go threw this I prayed for you and god had this planned for you to have this heart disease, but you area very strong person ben. the lord loves you so much I know this has been a very hard 2 or 3 years ben I hope that your family are doing ok with all of this


Lord its just a reminder of how awesome you are and how blessed i am. Lord comfort his family and continue to allow this video to touch and save lives


Ben, are a very strong person. It is horrible that you had to leave us. At least you are in that big, happy light :)

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