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Justin Bieber will stand by their favorite singer through think and thin, as this hilarious video proves. Watch them defend their idol against various, made-up rumors.

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he does deserve a handicap spot. because he has to be sick in the head to spit on his fans...


Lol. Beliebers are like little sheep. Following what they think is good when he is clearly a stuck up child.


Justin i will love you also be your fan also let you know i always fall in love with you
My name is Adele and is 19 years old too same you age!

@ Adele

You do realize that this isn't Justin's personal contact page right? He is not going to read this. You just look stupid putting that on here. Also, you need to find a better role model because Justin is a disrespectful trashy person.


p.s.s I always love you same else


i am your fan Justin
my name is Adele i am 19 years old
i always fall love with you. i let you know


Hello justin , i dont speak very good english but i Will like that you trait to under stand what i say you i AM Michelle and i am your fan And i have 9 years so jefe comes what i have to say you justin : You are the BEST boy that i THINK if you WANT somethink do it and dont stop if the others say that yo do have to do a bad THINK and you KNOW that is a BAD THINK dont do it i learn so MUCH THINGS in my school but the most important is that you have to be proactive dont reactive and what is proactive and reactive proactive is a responsable person that dont do BAD THINGS is a person that do special THINGS i love you very MUCH MUCH MUCH and i WANT to be your special teacher un leadership and i love you i am your fan.

@ Michelle

You want to be his special teacher? LMFAO!! WTF is that??? You want to be his special teacher yet you fail to even realize that Justin won't even see this. LMAO. Wow. Thanks for the laugh. You are truly an idiot.


Proud to be a belieber!:)


i love him too


peeing must be allowed just everywhere..................


i love justinbieber angie soriano

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