Bear Eats Man in Canada

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This Canadian guy, Rory Wagner, met his end at the hands (and teeth) of a bear. The bear was later put down after eating the convicted murderer.

First of all, it's poor journalism to introduce the fact that the man is a parolee. Has nothing to do with the story. Shame on the journalist - and shame on those of you who think the person is less of a human being because of his past. Secondly, it's perhaps over-cautious to put down the bear, but there is a reasoning: don't allow the traits of a bear bold enough to eat a human to be passed on to the next offspring of that bear. It may be a thin reason, but it is a valid reason.


The Tree Huggers will be all over this. Once a Wild Animal Tastes Human Flesh, Humans Become Food to them. They lose their Fear. Therefore the Bear must Go. Geez. Liberals.

Lorna doane

Should not have killed bear. No reason.


they should have given the bear a reward. taking out a junkie murderer should be worth a life of leisure for that bear. ( And maybe a couple more junkie convicts for dinner!)


WRONG- could have just as easily relocated the bear


why would they put down the bear?

@ kaya

Exactly! That's crazy. That's their natural instinct and habitat. Hello!


so... the hunters are out to hunt bears and that's all fine and dandy, but a bear eats a man (murderer nonetheless) and then there's a problem?
I'm on the bear's side.

@ marie

Even though the Murderer isnt Human the Bear got a Taste of Human Blood. So it will kill again. You City People dont know much about wild Animals.

@ Brian Quinn

How is the murderer not human?
Your response had nothing to do with my comment.
Reading comprehension.
My point is that the hunters are out to kill and eat bears and that's considered perfectly acceptable, but a bear eats a man and it suddenly needs to be stopped.
More than a little hypocritical (do you need a dictionary, country folk?)


The bear ate a convicted murderer.? Wow. Now we have a new death penalty solution to the electric chair. Death by a Grizzly bear.

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