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Check out this epic fight on Basketball Wives. There is a slap involved and a lot of cursing. It first aired in April 2012.

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Put sumbody on the show that's not afraid of Tammy fake billing. Ass she want every body to be scared of her stopped letting that bitch run Da show it was sad how she scared the shit out that Lil white looking shakeup woman.


These hos are sickening. "I'm going to kill this bitch" if I was Jen I would take that threat seriously coming from a mentally ill Heffa like Eve.... I can imaging her running at Chad like that, only thing is, there was no security there to save her low ass cowardly slut self.


their parents forgot to learn them MNNER, folks!!


how many times more?
american Whites are afraid of black people so they will be accused of anything.


they all wanted Nia to slap Jennifer because they all really sat down. They faked like they didn't know Nia was going to slap her because after the incident they were like Jennifer asked for it and if she is Evelyn's assistant she needs to get a high pay raise because what she was wearing and her wig was not cute. Jennifer making a comment about her living in a two bedroom apartment is a total reflection on how much Evelyn pays her thats probably why Evelyn got mad.


I think that nia was wrong as hell for putting her hands on jen hitting someone never solve anything.i think they are jealous of jen an tammy likes to boost shit up its funny watching someone get slap until that someone is u thats being slap


if i was jen, i will put harrassment charged on Evelyn Hoe Bitch azz that was a set-up in all them bitches knew what was goin on.Shaunie & Tammi already knew what dam plan was,did all see how them two bitches was just sitting their


Thats good she sued her dirty ass & somebody needs to get her hoe ass boss Evelyn damn bitch!! Please put some1 in the show who can tag Evelyn ass

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