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Bar Refaeli is on the Rampage. Sort of literally. She's hot.

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Bar Refaeli Hoodies Commercial

This Bar Refaeli commercial has been banned in Israel. It's too hot and sexy for that nation.

Bar Refaeli With No Makeup

Bar Refaeli with no makeup shockingly still looks hot. See Exhibit A!

Bar Refaeli X Factor Ad

Bar Refaeli stars in this ad for The X Factor in Israel. She's flirting it up with Simon Cowell.

Bar Refaeli Kiss: A Plea from Jay Leno

Jay Leno tries to kiss Bar Refaeli in this clip from The Tonight Show. But he's in for an epic fail.

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Becca thanks for that info. I rellay thought blowing away my htaccess would fix it, but no luck.You're right David, it is a big decision and when you start a blog you have no idea for the most part. I am glad I have the post name in the permalink at least. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have chosen if I could go back. I haven't worried about it, since I can't change it, presuming this current issue gets sorted out.


i don't have an appropriate idea about this all

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