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Ava Sabrina London speaks about Hank Baskett cheating on Kendra Wilkinson with her, or so she claims.

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I know her! We grew up together. Well I know her when she was a man, not a woman. Anyways.. I believe it's true! But what I want to know now is how many other MEN has Hank tried to hook up with? It sounds like he is GAY in disguise... getting turned on by another man's PENIS.


Did she just admit she's a prostitue? I gave him a hand job he gave me $500, then he left"


How can someone leave a woman and go with a man? It looks like a demon


People are so sick, I believe it, all of it. Kendra is old to him now, and she's had two babies !! That's not an excuse, I'm just saying just like all the other cheating dudes on this planet she's old news to him. If he went over there to play with old boys penis Kendra does not have the right parts any way. Kendra is good and trashy and freaky I'm surprised she hasn't been strapping on a penis for him.


Even if some of you =guys think its a lie, There must be some truth to it. Y did he went there? Is he/she known to any of the couple? Nothing. Y Hank must leave all his way from his family o give a "friendly" visit...Sigh... Sometimes you do not know, until you know...


This totally seems fake. Look how he/she stutters to say what happened when he showed up at her house. These trannys are on a rampage look what happened with Casper Smart as well. Hank would never do something like that when he has a fox at home.


I do not believe this at all. Kendra is a sex kitten adorable. She is a man's dream she was a playboy bunny and did everything under the sun. He would not risk his family for that thing. If he wanted a dick I am pretty sure Kendra would strap one on for him. That's how kinky she is

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