Ashton Kutcher Dating Site Commercial

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Ashton Kutcher is featured in this ad for the dating website We have to admit: it's pretty darn funny.
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I think this commercial is very funny people that see this commercial as racist are just trying to start problems! Lighten up people this was just a joke not anything serious :)


It is a funny video...the indian accent makes me laugh.
Kutchner is a jackass for marrying Demi Moore.
Hey Kutchner you are 34 she's 50.
Find a good christian girl for yourself...marry her...don't be a only sound like a fool.


I completly agree with Crysl84 and mary.If people thought about Ashton's sense of humor he was perfect for that commercial.Small minded people is all I have to say,there was nothing racial in that at all!!!!! I thought Ashton was hillarious and did a great job, not many people can pull off playing even one double or a completly different person and Ashton does it with portraying 4 different people...Kudos to Ashton!


There is no racism in that commercial, if he was being racist depicting the person of East Indian Heritage then shows like The Big Bang Theory should be pulled from public television for its depiction of Raj. He was showing that different cultures still contain the same societal labeled screwed up people. I also agree that it is bogus he is being berated in public for this but it is okay for people of other heritages to mock Caucasians. Racism can affect every race, including white! Everyone of all races need to be a little more open minded and realize that all the real human blood, the life force that defines our lives, is the same color-RED! And then everyone needs to accept that every race, culture, society, whatever you want to call it has its screwed up individuals that are chastised and made fun in public to try and keep other people from acting so stupid.


I dont see any racial content in here. It seems like an innocent funny video.

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