AshLee Frazier Accuses Sean Lowe of Lying

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AshLee Frazier accuses Sean Lowe of lying about his feelings for the other two girls on The Bachelor in this Women Tell All clip.
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But remember, the show wasn't live. If Ashlee had accused Sean of this when he was sending her home, the producers would have cut it out. They're all about making Sean look good. But the Women Tell All, however, was live, so the producers couldn't cut out what Ashlee said. I think she's telling the truth. I like Sean and I'm not a big fan of her, but Sean's really hogging the limelight when at first he said he had no intention to. He's kind of breaking all the promises he made to everyone and himself about staying humble and not going on the bachelor and doing all this other stuff, and yet, he does it anyways. I think he's a liar.


If Sean had really said that, why didn’t AshLee ask him about it when he let her go? She didn’t say it to him then, nor did she say it in the car ride home. If he had said he didn’t feel for the other two girls, she would have said something as soon as he let her go. Like, why did you tell me you had no feelings for Catherine or Lindsey and then send me home? No, this is something she cooked up later as a way to make herself look better. I knew she was odd from the beginning. Remember the first night when Tierra got the first rose? Des was saying that, yes, Tierra got the first impression rose and AshLee could NOT accept that. She just kept on saying, no Tierra, you just got the first rose but we got roses too so yours is absolutely not the first impression rose. AshLee could not let it go. It was killing her and she insisted on making Tierra believe she did not get the first impression rose even though Tierra wasn’t saying anything to her.
Also, this business about being abandoned and in four different foster homes-- that was when she was 3 years old. Her adoptive parents took her in when she was 4 years old. The adoption wasn’t legalized until she was 6, but AshLee didn’t know that papers were being signed and processed. As far as she knew, she came at 4 years old and stayed. She has very few memories before then and she just remembers living at a different house. The abandonment issues that she talked about (usually every other sentence) were for sympathy.


I noticed that also. And I too felt early on there was something odd about AshLee. Manipulative would be one descriptive of the feeling I got from her. My friend called her Catwomen from the beginning because she felt she was skilled at being sly.
Tierra, wow, where to begin. I think a lot was exposed by many of the women in their reaction to Tierra. I saw a lot of the very behind the back nastiness Tierra spoke of. No doubt she could sense it. I also saw how often when Tierra walked into a room the other women went silent. I saw a couple that seemed to be the leaders of the anti-Tierra pack. AshLee was one of the two primary instigators. She saw Tierra as her most serious competition and went after her when she had her secret talk with Shaun. That, right there, should have sent red flags flying for Shaun. That wasn't AshLee trying to look out for Shaun's best interests. That was AshLee eliminating a foe.
Tierra was a bad choice for this type of a program. She's not reality show material. Tierra came with one focus and that was Shaun. She wasn't there to make friends with the other women and said this during one of the shows.
I think when Tierra was called out on having flirted with some guy at the airport the cattiness I'd seen throughout the series came to full bloom. And Tierra was right.. who cares? And why shouldn't she? Theres absolutely no reason she shouldn't have.

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