Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon Spoof QVC

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Arnold Shhwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon spoofed QVC on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Oh yea, to spoof with Jimmy and Arnold some more on a new network of JVAV that is going to be competing with QVC. Tell Jimmy that a man named James Sweeney a prisoner was just named by FBI with another 25 years added on to his prison term for creating Dead Man's Prison Gang, which the Feds did not find funny like Jimmy and Arnold. Plus Patty Blagodovitch (like Patty Mildred Baena) is a regular visitor to ex-governor of Illinois, Rod in CO. prison. Same as Jimmy Tucker, Arkansas's ex-governor who is in prison, too. Same as Seigelman, Alabamas ex-governor who also served time. Like we said that elite team that sends governors to prison will be watching Sabotage, and much to Arnolds. elite team of DEA these are the top f-----s in the world to Arnold and Jimmy's dismay.


Arnold is funny, and it looks like his chopper repeats are like a Patty Mildred Baena repeats. Nothing like being held hostage with cartel witches like Pattys friends. Many of the cops in CA. say that Arnold belongs in prison for repeatedly illegally using state police to do favors for Patty Mildred Baena. In fact, the chopper cop is the top one repeating it, so Arnold should put that in his pipe and smoke it. The team that has taken down 8 governors, will be watching Sabotage, of the elite DEA who are fighting cartel, when part of them are crooks in with the cartel. And there is nothing like being held hostage by cartel witches who look like Patty Mildred Baena's ugly ass and having to tell the FBI every day about it.

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