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Ann Curry bids farewell to the Today Show in an emotional farewell speech June 28, 2012. Watch her get choked up in her last day on the show.

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I completely agree that Ann's body language spoke volumes to her co-workers on the couch there with her. She did not thank them, most specifically Matt Lauer at all. When she referenced the "today show family" she made it clear she was speaking of the audience. She was very very disrespected and if I were her, I'd never work for NBC again. I wasn't a big fan and thought she was a wee bit weird, but still didn't like the way she was treated.


You people make me sick, Ann Curry is the classiest lady on TV. She was like family watching her every day was a joy. You just want to put someone young or someone that fights with Matt. GREEEEEEDDDD!!!!


i thought ann curry did a wonderful job as a co-host. the farewell speech said it all. we all know who should really leave the today show. ann we love you!!
you a a class women. we want the best for you. today show without you is a mistake for sure!!


I don't feel sorry for any of them. They are all plastic and get their jobs mostly because of how they look on camera. And they all make a fortune. It is the people behind the scenes - the researchers and writers - who do all the work and spoon feed the information to these pimps and whores for a lot less money.


Well, I am done with the Today broke my heart when Ann said she didn't make it to the finish line. Let's see how much more the ratings go down. Did you notice how Ann moved away from Matt? Body language says a lot. Also, He also put his hand on her shoulder and she stayed very still, not responding back in an excepting way, not like Ann at all. Wish her much success and happiness. Shame on them.


Great! Now for sure I'm watching GMA!! How can you dare let this hard-working woman not get to her "finish line!" So much for stupid effort in this world!


I, for one, loved her. Its so sad, because she did an excellent job & she was very dedicated. They want some young blonde that looks like shes right-out-of-college, instead. I hope she leaves & finds something much better, she deserves it. I also hope she got her money for stepping down. So disappointed in The Today Show. They shouldve gotten rid of that skeezbag Matt, with his, "mr. know it all" ugly-self.


I am shocked., I loved the Today Show., but too me Ann Curry., was the heart @ soul., a true woman., dedicated to her job., and went above and beyond., the call of duty..!!!., who ever made this choice., for ratings was a total ass..!!!!!., I really do not care if I watch this news show ever again., I am sorry ., but simply this is how I feel.,!!!!!...~~

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