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Angus T. Jones hates his own show. He slams Two and a Half Men in this interview.

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Wow the more I watch this interview, the more I hear the crazy religiousnes of Tom Cruise coming out.


Has angus renounced all future profits from the show 2 & 1/2 men? I didn't think so. LOL He's just another religious hypocrite.


If angus didn't keep stumbling, stuttering, repeating almost every word and losing his train of though, this video could have been 5 minutes long. What's wrong with this kid? Why is it that washed up actors either turn to drugs or religion? Is it that difficult to be a washed up actor?


He's perfectly right. The show sucks period. Nevermind the vulgar, low-brow, idiotic sex humour.


He's too young to understand what he is believing in. He obviously has had to live a very extreme lifestyle, so most human beings tend to swing on a pendulum. And this is precisely an example of just that. Now that he's had enough of the crazy hollywood bullshit lifestyle- he is searching for meaning, and that is why most people feel the need to have "faith". I hope he can use rationality, therapy of sorts to truly figure out what it is that he is looking for.


this happens when a sect washes your brain


Good for him. I hear a lot of people bashing him for making these comments. He is a young man who has found God, which has now changed his views. He is entitled to do that. He is also entitled to make a living. He is an actor playing a character. In his real life he is a Christian with his own views and opinions. We all have the choice to change the channel. I'm a Christian and still like the show. More so when Charlie was on it, but still, that's my opinion. The Producers are excellent and talented. I hope they cut him some slack on this. Maybe even use it to their advantage and write it into the show. Making Jake a born again Christian might actually add a new funny twist in the show that really needs new life put back into it since Charlie left. I say good luck to him and God Bless.

@ Max

who wantsd to find god.....i want god far away as possible...god sucks.....i wish this world revealed a good god but unfortunantly it doesn't.....god sucks.....i know ill get hate for this but i want this world to offer better things..i hate poverty,aids, cancer, drugs, hate.....but god will not fix this....he wants this....therefore god sucks.....i am not a bad person for having this belief


He signed a contract. It's not so easy to get out of Steph. And you know what, good for him. He clearly doesn't want to be on tv. I'm sure he didn't sign up for the shoe. He was only 8???? When he started. People change and grow, and clearly Angus has.


How can he be putting down the television industry when it is the entire reason that he has made the amount of money that he has, given him his fan base, and led him to be able to 'preach' the whole 'television is bad' message??
If you don't want to be involved in something, then don't sign a contract to continue being involved in it. Simple.s

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