Anderson Cooper on Kate Gosselin

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Anderson Cooper weighs in, hilariously on Kate Gosselin's latest misadventures. This is certainly worthy of the Ridiculist.
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Wow. Kate Gosselin is a horrible human being from what I can see. I never watched this show while it was airing but boy did I hear about it on the internet from thousands of other people! When I saw that Jon and Kate Plus 8 (and then Kate Plus 8) was available on Netflix I thought, what the heck. Let me watch a couple of episodes to see if this woman's reputation has been gainfully earned. LOL boy has it ever. I don't think I've seen such an ungrateful, condescending, rude, smartass, obnoxious ..... well, the list goes on. I think Kate has multiple personalities going on there because we have 'mommy kate', 'nagging wife kate', 'pick a fight kate' and most recently 'slutty with her tits hanging out kate' .... haha .... love Anderson Cooper by the way and oh yes .... thank goodness this show has been cancelled. I agree with the general consensus that the Gosselin woman has been exploiting the kids for her own personal gain and enjoyment.


I read and eonyjed "A new kind of Christian," and while I found the fiction-form of the teaching to be effective, I felt it fell short as far as novel or story telling goes. How would you compare Borg's story telling to McLaren's?I do think I will pick up a copy, thanks for the review.


The real travesty here, besides Kate's idiotic tirade over pizza, is that they expected all those kids and adults to share ONE pizza. That's just un-American. Are they really that hard up that they couldn't just buy another pizza? Really? When I order pizza, I always get enough for everyone to have two or three slices each, and we are all normal weight and height. You can't tell me that the body guard was going to be satisfied with ONE slice anyway? And, if I wanted pizza badly enough, I wouldn't mind being handed a slice by a child, who, I'm sure, had already washed her hands before she ate. GEEZ. I don't know how the baby sitter stayed as long as she did. She must really love those kids. They must stage these situations for "reality" tv.

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