Anderson Cooper Giggling (Dyngus Day 2012)

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Anderson Cooper cannot stop laughing over a segment on Dyngus Day, a holiday marking the end of lent. Watch him laugh for over a minute straight.
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I must say such a things make me very happy, then they let me know, that also Americans are quite silly, when they are laughing at the tradition of other country. Maybe the word pussy was so funny, i don`t know, but still it`s tradition of other country, so more respect! I don`t need recall, that also in the US the are many stupid things many of them are tradition too.


Thank you for the Anderson Cooper clip regarding Dyngus Day. He's the best even when he's laughing. P.S.- I had a difficult time hearing the clip on this site. Thank you for sharing this great clip.


Ciekawy jestem kiedy w końcu w naszym kraju nad Wisłą zrozumieją jak Ameryka nas dyma i jak mają nas za nic.(a nawet gorzej bo nic można pomiąć ale gówna się nie rusza)

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